Academic Credit Granting



Even if a VN program was started somewhere other than the Annenberg School of Nursing, any credits earned may be applied at ASN. To receive credits, the other institution must be recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) Council for Higher Education. Other requirements include:

  • Having taken the course within the last five years
  • Sending a transcript to ASN showing the classes were passed with a grade of C or better
  • Providing ASN with a copy of the school catalog with course description

The granting of credit for previous education or experience is based on the Vocational Nursing Practice Act and Regulations, Section 2535 and the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) guidelines. All credit granted, plus work completed in the program, shall meet the requirements of clinical and theory hours approved by the BVNPT. If the Director determines the credits are acceptable for transfer, credit will be given for those courses and the student will be scheduled to take only those courses needed to fulfill the requirements for graduation. Transfer credits are not utilized in calculating grade point average.